What is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Chiropractic massage is helpful for both the mind and the body. It gets rid of the toxins that build up in the muscles and complements other chiropractic treatments such as adjustments. Dr. William Seieroe and Dr. Y.B. Barrat of Northshore Chiropractic Center in North Muskegon, MI offer chiropractic massage to their patients. 

Types of chiropractic massage

Lymphatic massage 

The lymph system is one of the body's networks. It carries white blood cells and lymph throughout the body. White blood cells fight infections. It includes the bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, and lymphatic vessels. When this system isn't working as it should, swelling and toxemia are the result. A lymphatic massage can help the system to function better, improve circulation, and reduce swelling. 

Relaxation massage

Tension and stress are common occurrences of everyday life. Stress can lead to many health issues. Getting a relaxation massage helps reduce tension and stress in the muscles and, combined with dim light and scented oil, provides relaxation for the body and mind. 

Myofascial Release  

Fascia is a band of tissue that surrounds your muscles. It is in all the parts of your body. When the fascia gets inflamed it can form painful knots. They restrict movement and can make you quite miserable. By applying massage pressure to these knots, they can be released and this not only helps to relieve the pain, but it increases mobility.  

Sports Massage 

Sports massage is designed to help to prevent sports injuries by making sure that the muscles and other soft tissues are warmed up before the athlete performs. It is also used after a performance to address any injuries that might have been received. 

Rehabilitation massage

When you have been injured, a rehabilitation massage helps to restore mobility and promote healing. It may combine several types of massage to help to locate and treat the injuries you have sustained. The muscles will respond by relaxing and reducing the muscle spasms you may be having. 

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